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Yoga Workshops

We integrate various aspects of yoga in the workshops we organise. Be it asana,pranayama, or meditation we try and curate specific aspects of yoga and present it the most effective way for you to deepen your practice or to make you think and enrich your daily life with some timeless wisdom.

Some of the workshops we've done in the past:

  • Meditation Workshops

  • Soundbowl Healing

  • Pranayama Workshop

  • Ariel Yoga

  • Heal your Hormones

  • Back-Bend Workshop

  • Headstand Workshop

  • Ayurveda 101

and many many more...

Keep an eye out for our upcoming workshops here! Places are limited, reserve yours immediately!

If you leave us your details below,  YOU will the first to know when we plan our next workshop!

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Previous Workshops

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