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Corporate Wellness

Our corporate wellness classes/programs are designed to re-energize employees and reduce the stress and fatigue that a deadline driven work life brings.

Our Classes are completely customized to specific needs. Be it restrictions on space or efficient use of time, we work with you to bring the most effective practice.



We run workshops, on request, to bring about healthier lifestyles and mental wellness in a fun and engaging setting to offset the humdrum of eveyday routine. 


Desk Top Yoga​

Yoga classes right at your desktop. We design classes to fit into your work schedule, be it 15 minutes before they start work every day or 30 minutes in the afternoon, we put in a mix of asanas and pranayama to help your work-force rejuvenate and bring their best to work. The practice is adapted to keep in mind the restrictions of space in a office space setting.



We take the team out over a day or two on a trip filled with healthy food, yoga, cultural immersion and a whole lot of fun! A schedule is put in place to bring about the best possible experience to give the team a mini reset and a well deserved wind down before they dive back into work.

Connect ❤️ with your loved ones and with

Team Building Excursions

A team that bonds over exhilaration, emotions and unbridled fun will pull through any difficult task in our experience. Taking them out of their work setting, we design a day of all that and more so that the team builds a deeper bond that will reflect in the way they work together. 

Our Clientele

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